Iaon Cottrell

Practice Manager

Iaon came to us from a varied background of computer and mechanical skills as well as management experience. He is self-taught in computer hardware, software, networks, and web design. Iaon has been Practice Manager since 2003 and has done extensive updating of our computer network. He has added WiFi internet access for our clients to use, upgraded our entire xray to a completely digital system, and is in the process of converting the entire hospital to a paperless medical records system. He is greatly responsible for West End becoming a cutting-edge general practice and earning our accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association.

He wears many hats, including Practice Manager, IT Guy, Handyman, and General Go-To Guy. He is a dedicated Operation Catnip volunteer and had the honor of writing a set of protocols for Operation Catnip surgical assistants. His personal interests include butterfly gardening, composing electronic music, digital film making, disc golf, obstacle mud racing, and fragging 12 year olds on Xbox. He has been married to Dr. Deborah Cottrell since Feb of 2004 and their pet family consists of an American Staffordshire Terrier named CZ, a Hound-Pit named Juliet,  and a large Koi Pond with 58 wait 57.... no 56.... wait 55... ummmm  I mean 54 koi, and 2 red shouldered hawks living in the tree near the pond. UPDATE - The fish have finally out grown the hawks' ability lift them from the pond. however the hawks have reverted back to the indigenous squirrel population.   

Michelle Assistant Manager / Receptionist Michelle has a long history with West End, originally starting as a volunteer in the summer of 1992, and then as a kennel technician in the fall of the same year. She worked her way to becoming a technician and then a receptionist. She worked with us until Feb 2001, when she left us to raise a family. She took a 6 1/2 year leave of absence and then returned to West End in June 2007. Michelle has been involved with animals, both domestic and wild, her whole life. She has raised raccoons, squirrels, possums, and bunnies in addition to her own two children. She currently owns a Golden Retriever named Bella Boo and a pit bull named Alpha.